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4-Norm SLC UL-CSA-HAR-SEV (EMC-type)


For use for medium mechanical stress with free movement without tensile stress or forced movements in dry, moist and wet rooms, but not suitable in the open. Developed as control and connecting cables for machines, tool machineries, conveyor belts and production lines. For installation in moist and wet rooms, specially used for machines in breweries, bottling plants and car washing stations.

Technical attributes
Conductor material Cu, bare
Conductor type cable blanc, fine stranded
Conductor standard DIN VDE 0295
Conductor category 5
Core colours to DIN VDE 0293 bk continuously numbered, protective earth gn/ye
Outer sheath PVC
Outer sheath colour grey
Temperature range min., mobile operation -5 °C
Temperature range max., mobile operation 70 °C; (UL, CSA) 90 °C
Temperature range min., fixed installation -40 °C
Temperature range max., fixed installation °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/500 V
Test voltage 3000 V
Insulation resistance 20 mind. MΩ x km
Minimum bending radius mobile operation 7,5 x cable-Ø
RoHS-compliant yes

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [kg_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
003040204-Norm SLC 2 x 0,75 remember
003040014-Norm SLC 3 G 0,75 remember
003040024-Norm SLC 4 G 0,75 remember
003040034-Norm SLC 5 G 0,75 remember
003040044-Norm SLC 7 G 0,75 remember
003040054-Norm SLC 12 G 0,75 remember
003040064-Norm SLC 3 G 1 remember
003040074-Norm SLC 4 G 1 remember
003040084-Norm SLC 5 G 1 remember
003040094-Norm SLC 7 G 1 remember
003040104-Norm SLC 12 G 1 remember
003040114-Norm SLC 3 G 1,5 remember
003040124-Norm SLC 4 G 1,5 remember
003040134-Norm SLC 5 G 1,5 remember
003040144-Norm SLC 7 G 1,5 remember
003040154-Norm SLC 12 G 1,5 remember
003040164-Norm SLC 3 G 2,5 remember
003040174-Norm SLC 4 G 2,5 remember
003040184-Norm SLC 5 G 2,5 remember
003040194-Norm SLC 7 G 2,5 remember
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