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NTSWÖU 1 - 30 kV


Applicable as tail and power supply cable in the open. Also usable in dry, humid and wet zones, e.g. in mine quarries and construction sites where very high mechanical stress appears on roller conveyours, cranes and similar heavy machineries.

Technical attributes
Standards adapted to DIN VDE 0250-813
Conductor type Electrolytic-Cu, untinned
Conductor category FS
Core colours natural color with black conductive rubber, printed numbers
Outer sheath PCP's special blend
Outer sheath colour red
Temperature range min., mobile operation -25 °C
Temperature range max., mobile operation +60 °C
Temperature range min., fixed installation -40 °C
Temperature range max., fixed installation +80 °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 3,6/6 bis 18/30 kV
Test voltage 11 to 43, to DIN VDE 0250 part 813 kV
driving speed Operational 60 m / min, when rewinding up to 100 m/min
Tensile load 20 N/mm"²
torsional 100 °/m
Bending radius 5 x cable-Ø
RoHS-compliant yes

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [per_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
00709002NTSWÖU 1,8/3 kV 3 x 70 + 3 x 35/3 remember
00709003NTSWÖU 3 x 120 + 3 x 70/3 0,6/1 kV remember
00709001NTbkÖU-J 3 x 150 + 3 x 70/3 0,6/1 kV remember
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