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Applicable as BUS cable in dry, damp and wet rooms, even outdoors, if protected from direct sunlight, but not in the ground. As a BUS cable for the European Installation Bus (EIB) approved. For fixed installations on, in and under plaster; also in pipes and ducts.

Technical attributes
RoHS-compliant yes
bus type Profibus

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [per_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
02401010Profibus 1x2x0,22 vio remember
02401004Profibus LD 2x2x0,22 remember
02401021Interbus YV IBS/RBC 3x2x0,22sw remember
02401013Profibus 1x2x0,25 FD P LD vio remember
02401027Profibus 1x2x0,25 Fastcon. remember
02401026Bus FD P LD 2x2x0,25 remember
 65,0030,008,40on request 
02401001Profibus 1x2x0,64 vio PVC remember
02401002Profibus 1x2x0,64 bk PE remember
02401003Profibus 1x2x0,64FDPL2/FIP PUR vio remember
02401006Profibus 1x2x0,64L2/FIP 7-wire remember
02401018Profibus 1x2x0,64PVC+PE bk remember
02401024Profibus 1x2x0,64 PUR petrol remember
02401053profibus cable carrier 1x2x0,64 vio remember
02401044profibus SK inner 1x2x0,64 remember
02401005Profibus 1x2x0,64 fast connect remember
02401034Profibus 1x2x0,64 Pur Fastcon. remember
02401036Profibus 1x2x0,64 remember
02401039Profibus 1x2x0,64 L2/FIP Festoon UL/CSA remember
02401040Profibus 1x2x0,64 vio PUR remember
02401048Profibus 1 x 2 x 0,64 L2/FIP FC UL/CSA remember
02401052Profibus 1x2x0 ,64 petrol PUR remember
02401012Profibus 1x2x0,64 YY bk remember
02401016Profibus 1x2x0,64 YV bk remember
02401038Profibus 2 x 2 x 0,64 tinned gn remember
02401050Profibus 2 x 2 x 0,64 gn remember
02401041Profibus 1 x 2 x 0,64/2,55 Quick Strip PVC remember
02401019Profibus PA 1x2x1,0 bk remember
02401022Profibus PA 1x2x1,0 RAL 5015 bu remember
 75,0045,008,00RAL 5015 blue 
02401042Profibus 1 x 2 x AWG24/19/2,55 Quick Strip remember
02401007Profibus 6XV-1830 x 5 H10 2x1 RAL 5015 bu remember
 101,004,508,00RAL 5015 blue 
02401008Profibus 6XV-1830-OCH-10 remember
02401009Profibus 6XV-1830-OEH-10 remember
02401011Profibus 6XV-1830-OJH 10 remember
02401014Profibus 6 XV 1830-3EH10 petr. remember
02401015Profibus 6XV-1830-OLH 10 remember
 67,0025,008,00on request 
02401054Profibus 6XV1830-0PH10 remember
 65,008,00on requeston request 
02401017Profibus 6ES 7194-1LY00-0AA0 remember
 100,008,00on requeston request 
02401023Profibus 6XV1830-3GH10 remember
 72,0025,008,00on request 
02401025Profibus 6XV1830-5FH10 remember
02401028Profibus 6XV1830-OAH10 remember
 76,0025,008,00on request 
024010296FX5002-2AH00-2AA0 remember
 1,001,00on requestorange 
024010306FX5002-2AH00-1JFO remember
 1,001,00on requestorange 
024010316FX5002-2AH00-1JDO remember
 1,001,00on requestorange 
024010326FX5002-2AH00-1GJO remember
 1,001,00on requestorange 
024010336FX5002 - 2AH00-1GFO remember
 1,00on requeston requestorange 
02401037Profibus FDPCombi L2/FIP 1 x 2 x 0,64 + 3 x 1 remember
 93,0050,0010,10on request 
02401045Profibus SK 1x2x0,64 RAL 5018 petrol remember
02401046Profibus 6XV1821-OAH10 remember
 65,008,10on requestviolet 
02401047Profibus 1 x 2 x 0,65+3x1x0,75 vio remember
02401049Profibus 1x2x0,65+3x1x0,75 petrol remember
02401051Profibus 1x2x0,64 vio SK innen remember
02401055Profibus 6XV1840-2AH10 remember
 68,00on requeston requeston request 
02401056Profibus 1x2x0,75 vio remember
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