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Robust control cable, resistant to oil and abrasion. For use in tool making and machine industries, steel works, oil and coal industries and at building sites. It can also be used for portable tools, etc.. Recommendable if the cable comes in contact with chemical agents.

Technical attributes
Standards according to DIN VDE 0281, 0282
Conductor material Cu, bare
Conductor type cable blanc, fine stranded
Conductor standard DIN VDE 0295
Conductor category 5
Core structure stranded
Core colours to DIN VDE 0293 bk continuously numbered, protective earth gn/ye
Outer sheath pur
Outer sheath colour yellow
Temperature range min., mobile operation -5 °C
Temperature range max., mobile operation +80 °C
Temperature range min., fixed installation -40 °C
Temperature range max., fixed installation +80 °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/500 V
Test voltage 3000 V
Insulation resistance 20 mind. MΩ x km
Minimum bending radius mobile operation 7,5 x cable-Ø
oil-resistant extensively
RoHS-compliant yes



Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [per_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
00501002YSLYK-O 2 x 0,75 ye remember
00501003YSLYK-J 3 x 0,75 ye remember
00501004YSLYK-J 4 x 0,75 ye remember
00501005YSLYK-J 5 x 0,75 ye remember
00501006YSLYK-J 7 x 0,75 ye remember
00501007YSLYK-O 2 x 1 ye remember
00501008YSLYK-J 3 x 1 ye remember
00501009YSLYK-J 4 x 1 ye remember
00501010YSLYK-J 5 x 1 ye remember
00501011YSLYK-J 7 x 1 ye remember
00501012YSLYK-O 2 x 1,5 ye remember
00501013YSLYK-J 3 x 1,5 ye remember
00501026YSLYK-J 4 x 1,5 ye remember
00501014YSLYK-J 5 x 1,5 ye remember
00501015YSLYK-J 7 x 1,5 ye remember
00501016YSLYK-J 12 x 1,5 ye remember
00501017YSLYK-O 2 x 2,5 ye remember
00501018YSLYK-J 3 x 2,5 ye remember
00501019YSLYK-J 4 x 2,5 ye remember
00501020YSLYK-J 5 x 2,5 ye remember
00501021YSLYK-J 7 x 2,5 ye remember
00501022YSLYK-J 4 x 4 ye remember
00501023YSLYK-J 5 x 4 ye remember
00501024YSLYK-J 4 x 6 ye remember
00501025YSLYK-J 5 x 6 ye remember
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