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2YSLCY-J 0,6/1 kV (EMC-type)


Frequency converters assure electromagnetic compatibility in plants and buildings, facility units and operating equipment where the fields of electromagnetic interference might cause adverse effects on the surroundings. Supply and connecting cable for medium mechanical stress in fixed installations and forced movements in dry, moist and wet surroundings, not usable for outdoor applications. Particularly suitable for use with industrial pumps, ventilators, conveyor belts and airconditioning installations. An interference-free operation of frequency converters is obtained due to the optimal screening.

Technical attributes
Standards adapted to DIN VDE 0250
Conductor material Cu, bare
Conductor type Bare,> 16mm ² earth drilled and brought into the interstices
Conductor standard with DIN VDE 0295
Conductor category 5
Core colours DIN VDE 0293
Outer sheath PVC-mix YM2
Outer sheath colour transparent or transparent/orange
Temperature range min., mobile operation -5 °C
Temperature range max., mobile operation +70 °C
Temperature range min., fixed installation -40 °C
Temperature range max., fixed installation +70 °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 600/1000 V
Test voltage 4000 V
Insulation resistance 200 mind. MΩ x km
Bending radius 15 x cable-Ø
RoHS-compliant ja yes
Screening aluminium-laminated plastic foil, Cu-tinned braiding


motor power supply cable double screened transparent

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [per_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
001090012YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 1,5 transp. remember
001090022YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 2,5 transp. remember
001090032YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 4 transp. remember
001090042YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 6 transp. remember
001090052YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 10 transp. remember
001090062YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 16 transp. remember
001090072YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 25 transp. remember
001090082YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 35 transp. remember
001090092YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 50 transp. remember
001090102YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 70 transp. remember
001090112YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 95 transp. remember
001090122YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 120 transp. remember
001090132YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 150 transp. remember
001090142YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 185 transp. remember
001090162YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 4 x 240 transp. remember
001090242YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 3x6 + 3G1,0 transp remember
001090262YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 3 x 10 + 3 x 1,5 transp remember
001090302YSLCY-J 0,6/1kV 3 x 25 + 3 G 4 transp remember
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