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NA2XS2Y 18/30kV


For outdoor use, in the ground, indoors and in cable ducts, power stations and in industrial and switchgear. The cables are designed for high thermal stresses during operation. Because of the good installation properties, the cables can also be difficult to route guides slightly embarrassed. The DIN VDE 0298 Part 1 is to be observed during installation.

Technical attributes
RoHS-compliant yes

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [kg_km]Alu-weight [kg_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
02122001NA2XS2Y 30kV 50 RM/16 remember
02122002NA2XS2Y 30kV 70 RM/16 remember
02122003NA2XS2Y 30kV 95 RM/16 remember
02122004NA2XS2Y 30kV 120 RM/16 remember
02122005NA2XS2Y 30kV 150 RM/25 remember
02122006NA2XS2Y 30kV 185 RM/25 remember
02122007NA2XS2Y 30kV 240 RM/25 remember
02122008NA2XS2Y 30kV 300 RM/25 remember
02122009NA2XS2Y 30kV 400 RM/25 remember
02122010NA2XS2Y 30kV 500 RM/35 remember
02122011NA2XS2Y 30kV 630 RM/35 remember
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