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For use on lightweight hand-held devices with low mechanical stress, as well as for connecting light electrical appliances such as kitchen appliances, office equipment and radios, but not approved for cooking, heating, and heating equipment and commercial for outdoor use in commercial and agricultural businesses and to connect power tools used

Technical attributes
Standards DIN VDE 0281
Conductor material Cu, bare
Conductor type Cu-bare
Conductor standard DIN VDE 0295
Conductor category 5
Outer sheath PVC
Outer sheath colour black / white or upon request
Temperature range min., mobile operation +5 °C
Temperature range max., mobile operation +70 °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/300 V
Test voltage 2000 V
RoHS-compliant yes

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [kg_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
01805001X03VH-H 2 x 0,75 bk RAL 9005 remember
 27,0014,407,20RAL 9005 black 
01805002X03VH-H 2 x 0,75 bn RAL 8014 remember
01805003X03VH-H 2 x 0,75 wh RAL 9010 remember
 27,0014,407,20RAL 9010 white 
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