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For installation in buildings and in industrial areas in conduits and cable channels for the transmission of high frequency signals and power. In all areas of radio frequency transmission technique especially in sending round receivers in the computer business, industry and consumer electronics. Used due to their different electronic, thermal and mechanical capabilities into the gigahertz range.

Technical attributes
characteristic impedance 75 Ω
RoHS-compliant yes

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 characteristic impedance [Ohm]Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [kg_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
01407001video-cable 0,6/3,7 halogen-free gn RAL6017 remember
01407002video-cable 0,6/3,7 gn RAL6017 remember
01407012video-cable 0,6/3,7 FRNC gy remember
01407024video-cable 0,6/3,7 bk 75 Ohm remember
01407026video-cable 0,6L/3,7 FRNC remember
01407003video-cable 0,6L/3,7 gn RAL6017 remember
01407016video-cable 0,6/3,7 DZ beige remember
01407014video-cable 0,6/3,7 DZ remember
01407015video-cable 0,6/3,7 DZ FRNC gn remember
01407021video-cable 0,8/3,7 FRNC remember
01407004video-cable 1,0/6,6 gn remember
01407005video-cable 1,0/6,6 PE bk remember
01407011video-cable 1,0/6,6 halogen-free remember
01407017video-cable 1,0/6,6 PE 2-screen remember
01407018video-cable 1,0/6,6 gn 2-screen remember
01407009video ombi 0,6/3,7 + 4 x 0,50 gy remember
01407025VideoCombi 0,6/3,7 + 2 x 0,75 bk remember
01407019VideoCombi (0,6/3, 7 + 3 x 0,75 remember
01407010Video Cable 0,6/2,80 CHM/FRNC remember
01407013Video Cable 0,6/3,7 YC/D bk remember
01407022video-cable VM 5 x 0,75 75 Ohm FRNC remember
01407023video-cable CV2/A2 remember
01407027video-cable 5x(0,6/2,8) bk remember
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