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Applicable as a special high- and low-temperature-resistant cable, especially in iron, steel and rolling mills, foundries, as well as in aircraft and shipbuilding and cement, glass and ceramic factories. The cables are halogen free and are far more suitable for use in power plants.

Technical attributes
Standards adapted to DIN VDE 0250
Conductor material Cu, bare
Conductor type strands tinned
Conductor standard DIN VDE 0295
Conductor category 5
Core insulation Silicone
Outer sheath Silicone
Outer sheath colour various
Temperature range min., mobile operation -60 °C
Temperature range max., mobile operation +180 °C
Temperature range min., fixed installation -60 °C
Temperature range max., fixed installation +180 °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/500 V
Test voltage 2000 V
Insulation resistance 2 mind. MΩ x km
Minimum bending radius mobile operation ca. 15 x cable-Ø
RoHS-compliant yes


silicone single cores halogen-free

Product table

PNr. product name remember
 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [kg_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
00903001SIF 0,25 gy remember
00903092SIF 0,25 ye remember
00903106SIF 0,25 bu RAL5015 remember
00903109SIF 0,25 gn remember
00903123SIF 0,25 bk remember
00903004SIF 0,5 bn remember
00903005SIF 0,5 bk remember
00903072SIF 0,5 wh remember
00903096SIF 0,5 bu RAL5015 remember
00903097SIF 0,5 rd remember
00903158SIF 0,5 og remember
00903098SIF 0,5 ye remember
00903099SIF 0,5 vt remember
00903135SIF 0,5 gn remember
00903107SIF 0,5 gn/ye remember
00903007SIF 0,75 ye remember
00903008SIF 0,75 bn remember
00903009SIF 0,75 bk remember
00903010SIF 0,75 wh remember
00903011SIF 0,75 bu remember
00903012SIF 0,75 gn/ye remember
00903081SIF 0,75 gy remember
00903095SIF 0,75 rd remember
00903108SIF 0,75 vt remember
00903014SIF 1 wh remember
00903015SIF 1 bn remember
00903016SIF 1 bu RAL5015 remember
00903017SIF 1 bk remember
00903018SIF 1 gn/ye remember
00903019SIF 1 gy remember
00903086SIF 1 gn remember
00903087SIF 1 ye remember
00903090SIF 1 rd remember
00903093SIF 1 vt remember
00903020SIF 1,5 bu remember
00903022SIF 1,5 bn remember
00903023SIF 1,5 bk remember
00903024SIF 1,5 gn/ye remember
00903025SIF 1,5 gy remember
00903088SIF 1,5 ye remember
00903101SIF 1,5 wh remember
00903102SIF 1,5 og remember
00903113SIF 1,5 rd remember
00903114SIF 1,5 gn remember
00903027SIF 2,5 bn remember
00903028SIF 2,5 bk remember
00903029SIF 2,5 bu RAL5015 remember
00903030SIF 2,5 gn/ye remember
00903031SIF 2,5 rd remember
00903082SIF 2,5 wh remember
00903103SIF 2,5 og remember
00903105SIF 2,5 gn remember
00903115SIF 2,5 ye remember
00903116SIF 2,5 gy remember
00903032SIF 4 gn/ye remember
00903033SIF 4 bn remember
00903034SIF 4 wh remember
00903035SIF 4 bk remember
00903071SIF 4 bu RAL5015 remember
00903089SIF 4 rd remember
00903100SIF 4 gy remember
00903038SIF 6 bn remember
00903039SIF 6 bk remember
00903040SIF 6 gn/ye remember
00903085SIF 6 bu RAL5015 remember
00903127SIF 6 rd remember
00903042SIF 10 bn remember
00903043SIF 10 bk remember
00903079SIF 10 ye remember
00903080SIF 10 gn remember
00903083SIF 10 bu RAL5015 remember
00903084SIF 10 rd remember
00903111SIF 10 gn/ye remember
00903045SIF 16 bn remember
00903046SIF 16 bk remember
00903104SIF 16 og remember
00903049SIF 25 bn remember
00903050SIF 25 bk remember
00903052SIF 35 bn remember
00903053SIF 35 bk remember
00903054SIF 50 bn remember
00903055SIF 50 bk remember
00903056SIF 70 bn remember
00903057SIF 70 bk remember
00903058SIF 95 bn remember
00903091SIF 95 bk remember
00903059SIF 120 bn remember
00903060SIF 120 bk remember
00903061SIF 150 bn remember
00903094SIF 150 bk remember
00903062SIF 185 bn remember
00903110SIF 185 bk remember
00903112SIF 185 gn/ye remember
00903063SIF 240 bn remember
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