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Applicable as a special high- and low-temperature-resistant cable, especially in iron, steel and rolling mills, foundries, as well as in aircraft and shipbuilding and cement, glass and ceramic factories. The cables are halogen free and are far more suitable for use in power plants.

Technical attributes
Conductor material Cu, tinned
Conductor type flexible
Conductor category 5
Conductor standard IEC 60228
Core insulation Silicone
Outer sheath Silicone
Outer sheath colour red-brown
Temperature range min. -60 °C
Temperature range max. +180 °C
Short circuit temperature at conductor max. +350 °C
Nominal voltage Uo/U 10 kV
Test voltage 20 kV
Ignition voltage 1,0 mm² = 8 kV; 1,5 mm² = 10 kV
Minimum bending radius, mobile operation 15 x cable-Ø
Minimum bending radius, fixed installation 6 x cable-Ø
RoHS-compliant yes


Silicon-ignition cable, halogen-free

● halogen-free

● flame-retardant IEC 60332-3-24 category C

● UV-resistant

● ozone-resistant

Product table

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 Weight ca. [kg]Cu-weight [kg_km]Outer-Ø ca. [mm]Outer sheath colour 
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